Soup kitchens play a vital role in feeding those in need. Plett Volunteers in co-operation with a number of local restaurants currently support over fifty soup kitchens, either by providing groceries and ingredients so that meals can be prepared by the kitchen itself, or by cooking meals in bulk using restaurant kitchen facilities. In total this scheme has at times delivered up to 72.000 meals to people in need during a single week.

We monitor the weekly output and record these numbers in our data base (for the continuously updated overview please click here.) The number of meals per area fluctuate for a number of reasons – for example, a soup kitchen might have run out of stock or out of gas and on a payday even those with only a marginal income will often still prefer to buy food themselves.

Here are two graphs of soup kitchen meals per area recorded for the third and fourth week of June 2020 that demonstrate this fluctuation:

A number of local restaurants contribute to this effort by preparing soups which are then distributed by local soup kitchens in the various areas. Participating restaurants have included among other

  • The Table – see this post for more details on the staggering amounts of soup they have cooked to date!
  • Emily Moon
  • Roost
  • LM
  • Grant Valentine
  • Delia’s