Here is Leigh Dunn’s New Horizons Bitou Covid-19 Response Team Volunteers’ Heritage Month Report:

“Nowadays everything on social media is a “challenge” or “challenge accepted”. Every post is a “challenge”. Every pic is a “challenge”. People dance to the “challenge”…..

Well, much has been said about Zahidah Spies again in thanking her for challenging us to take part and win the global Jerusalema dance challenge.

And even a greater challenge to our dedicated volunteers has been to reach to the depth of the needy and the informal settlements in our beautiful town amidst all the political “challenges” that we have been experiencing over the past while….

Our delivery guys were stuck at one point and then again at another, because of this “challenge”.
Yet regardless of these challenges, our dedicated team has pushed through and been delivering an exceptional duty regardless, tirelessly, 6 months later, and yet still going strong.

This past week, in New Horizons alone, via our 6 registered soup kitchens, we delivered 3065 meals.
On the one morning I was challenged to fear for the safety of our vehicles, and Luiz told me to rush to get there, so we made it just in time to feed so many of those hungry mouths. What a challenge it was indeed, and I do not know how many people realise the risks that are taken….. all out of love.

On another occasion this past week we had to use detour upon detour, and nobody considers our petrol costs or efforts, yet we are dedicated volunteers who act and do it all out of love and dedication, so I wish to publicly compliment our exceptionally hardworking team.
Doris and Gudrun call themselves my “angels”, yet I often feel that they are my “little elves” or “donkeys” having to do all the hard and dirty work at times when I am occupied elsewhere. I have many other angels too, namely Samantha, Justin, Maryna, as well as our soup kitchen staff members, so I am so blest and grateful to them.

So amidst all the challenges we faced the past week, we had huge Heritage Day celebrations all over the place. I was at 3 different Heritage Day celebrations all on the same day, and I ended the day with our Rotary Club Heritage meeting, wearing my dad’s straw hat, which is indeed part of my heritage.

So in response to the request of our President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa who urged everyone to join in on the Jerusalema dance challenge on Heritage Day 2020, I’d like to thank Adam and Venessa Van Rhyner; Bettina Meyer; and Jumiree Strauss-Jansen for organising such fun Heritage Day dance events….. a great way of forgetting about all the challenges and focusing on the oneness, the togetherness and the unity that fun and dancing brings.”