Last week numbers were nearly the same as before (28.648 meals served, to be precise), but apart from maize meal and JAM porridge we’re now definitely short of supplies. Luckily we have just received three financial donations between 15.000 and 50.000 Rand each from a foundation and two private donors, so this will enable us to buy some stock again.

As always the pie chart below lists only those areas that have reported back by Monday afternoon; also the distribution of JAM and porridge adds substantially to the numbers – for example, Jill and the Green Valley team also handed out some 1200 portions of JAM and Shirley and her helpers distributed 1120 kg (!) of JAM in Kwanokothula.

For the running totals, please visit the numbers & statistics page here.

Finally, in New Horizons, Kranshoek and Kwanokuthula the food gardens projects clearly begin to take shape – these and other initiatives of a more long-term nature will be the way to go. Here’s what Leigh reports from New Horizon in his weekly letter:

Over the past week we served a total of 4115 meals.

We visited some of the soup kitchens, checked on them and their needs, handed out some pap and stock, and even made loads of parcels ourselves. Also visited a few community projects, and would like to commend Tina and the volunteers in Kranshoek who lead the way for us as well in planting, and also in community clean up projects too. (I had a great time visiting Kranshoek on Saturday to see their excellent work).

Thank you to all the hard-working ladies at our soup kitchens (we are sharing and caring and are even considering reaching out to the needy in Tsitsikamma, as soon as we can secure some resources to be able to help them as well).

Thank you to the following of our volunteers who work so hard here especially….. Doris Forneveld; Ludewijk Andrews; Unity Barnard; Amanda Holmes; and Christiane Dreismann. Thank you Kayla for the hampers, and thank you to Daron; Luiz and the team.

This week I want to make special mention of Christiane Dreissman of the Plett Dinner Club who spends her weekends baking for our soup kitchens while we soak up the sun and relax; and to Amanda Holmes and her faithful friends… because last week our children even received cake. Thank you so much.

(Leigh Dunn)