Another very, very busy week. Numbers are still coming in; here are the first four areas:

  • Shirley and her Kwanokuthula team provided groceries and other ingredients to the Kwanokuthula soup kitchens; these kitchens prepared and served 7.523 meals during this week. Moreover, this team also distributed seven hundred 1kg JAM bags – that’s 700 kg! And note that each and every of these 1kg bags had to be prepared by hand by our hard-working volunteers from the over 30 tons of 25kg JAM bags stored at our central food depot at the Methodist Church. – Meanwhile,
  • Tina’s tireless Kranshoek support team served a whopping 10.167 meals, and
  • the New Horizons soup kitchens supported by Leigh’s team served another 3.120 meals, plus 82 by the New Horizons Pensioners Club. Finally,
  • James and the Kurland team supplied soup kitchens to serve 2.750 meals, and
  • Tanya and the Muddy Pooches team reported a total of 6.930 meals for Bossiesgif, Qolweni and Pine Trees.

That’s over 30.000 meals served during a single week, plus JAM and ePap parcels distributed: