We’re six months into lockdown – unbelievable! And somehow it feels as if the so-called ‘new normal’ has begun to set in. Well, if that is the case then it certainly is a ‘normal’ that we have to change for something better as far as nutrition is concerned. Last week our efforts as Plett Volunteers enabled soup kitchens in our areas to deliver over 27.000 meals: yes, that’s wonderful. But it is also a number that points to a systemic challenge that existed before COVID and is likely to persist after it indefinitely if we don’t manage to address the root causes: poverty, unemployment, inequality, loss of hope and lack of motivation – you may want to continue this list…

So look at the pie chart below, choose one of its segments. It may look like a piece of cake, but it isn’t. Just imagine you were one of the colorful pixels in that particular sector. That’s you: one person who had to rely on being fed because you couldn’t support yourself.

Wouldn’t it be a better world if nobody needed this cake? We’ll get there, one day. For analysis of the trajectory, click here.

And as always some of our area ICs also distributed food parcels, JAM porridge, vegetables and other goodies that were donated: 220 kg JAM were distributed in Kwano by Shirley, and Di Tatlow, our new IC for PLett Central (welcome on board, Di!) reports the following:

We delivered 24 food parcels.   A few of the recipients have managed to find shift work again.  We warned them that they would perhaps not receive parcels anymore. One new person (…) has been added to the list.  She contacted Shirley Redman who delivered one of our parcels.  She is a pensioner and she even offered to pay a small amount from her pension because she was so grateful.