Here are the figures for soup kitchen meals served during the second week of July 2020.

Overall numbers have decreased due to various reasons, including

  • shortage of supplies: we’re running out of stock…
  • shortage of gas at some soup kitchens
  • three soup kitchens in Kwanokothula had to close because they had reported cases of COVID 19
  • termination of support for two kitchens (in one case the demand for supplies was excessive and could not be justified, in the second the kitchen’s licence status was found to be problematic).

As in the past, in addition to supplying soup kitchens with groceries and staple items our ICs also distributed other goods; for example ePap in New Horizons (Leigh) and 175 kg of JAM in Kwanokothula (Shirley) – a big drop in supply as we ran out of stock. Shirley also distributed 150 kg of dog food in Kwanokothula.