Here are some numbers and statistics that will allow you to gather an overview on our activities to date – but if you prefer the short version of it all, here it is: Between 19 June and 19 October we have enabled soup kitchens in our area to produce a total of

550.709 meals served

Soup kitchen meals provided

Providing groceries, staple food and pre-cooked soups to registered soup kitchens across eleven areas in Bitou has been the main ongoing activity of Plettvolunteers as of June 2020. The graph below shows the number of meals served by each of these soup kitchens between 19 June and 19 October; the graph is continually updated on a weekly basis. Please note: this is the “output” generated and reported; it is not an indicator for the actual demand for meals in a given area.

For a more detailed breakdown of distribution numbers per area and week please consult these weekly reports:

05.10. – 19.10.2020 (reporting date: 20 October – this is a bi-weekly report)

28.09. – 04.10.2020 (reporting date: 05 October)

21.09. – 27.09.2020 (reporting date: 28 September)

14.09. – 20.09.2020 (reporting date: 21 September)

07.09. – 13.09.2020 (reporting date: 16 September)

01.09. – 06.09.2020 (reporting date: 07 September)

24.08. – 30.08.2020 (reporting date: 31 August)

17.08. – 23.08.2020 (reporting date: 24 August)

10.08. – 16.08.2020 (reporting date: 17 August)

03.08. – 09.08.2020 (reporting date: 10 August)

27.07. – 02.08.2020 (reporting date: 03 August)

20.07. – 26.07.2020 (reporting date: 27 July)

13.07. – 20.07.2020 (reporting date: 20 July)

05.07. – 12.07.2020 (reporting date: 13 July)

29.06.-05.07.2020 (reporting date: 6 July)

22.06.-28.06.2020 (reporting date: 28 June)

15.06.-21.06.2020 (reporting date: 21 June)

Sabrina Love Food Parcels

One of our main activities in May and April was the distribution of some 2400 food parcels kindly donated by the Sabrina Love Foundation. Each and every of these parcels was accounted for; one thousand of these parcels went to special needs recipients registered with Sabrina Love.

Food gardens

Helping communities in need to establish their own vegetable gardens is a new project of Plettvolunteers which is currently spearheaded at Kranshoek by the “Ons groei / We grow”-group lead by Tina Hopff. To date some 80 families have been helped to start their own garden.