How do you thank your soup kitchen ladies and all the other volunteers for more than 6 months of hard work? South Africa has one of the longest lockdowns in the world – first it would have been 6 weeks, and now more than 6 months already….. Yet the ladies and the guys here are still working so hard, to ensure that needy families are being looked after.

So we had a meeting at LM Restaurant with all the registered soup kitchens in New Horizons attending, namely:

1. The South African National Tuberculosis Association (SANTA) branch;

2. Masizame Drop In Shelter;

3. Vukani Nutritional Center;

4. House of Hope / Like Branches on a Tree;

5.New Horizons Care Group NPO;

6. The satellite kichens of NHCG.

Only 2 of our kitchens namely “Building The Walls” and “New Horizons Pensioners Club” were not represented. We had 13 attendees, and I could personally thank each one of them for their exceptional work in New Horizons. Thank you Luiz from LM Restaurant for being our greatest supporter!

This week so for we served 2947 meals probably because of the cold, and we will still be serving today and over the weekend, which means it will be way over 3 000, plus we handed out 35 parcels to needy families.

In the meeting we chatted about the way forward with less donors, and coordinated times and days for cooking, to ensure that there is at least one soup kitcken in New Horizons cooking on each day of the week.

Leigh Dunn, New Horizon IC (2 October 2020)